Lil Scrappy Net Worth, Source of Income, Personal Life

Lil Scrappy Net Worth, Source of Income, Personal Life

Facts of Lil Scrappy Net Worth, Source of Income, Personal Life

Net worth$700k
Date of Birth:1982 January 19
First NameDarryl Kevin
Last NameRichardson[
AkaLil Scrappy
Age:42 years old
Birth Nation: American Samoa
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch

The guy in love with music, play the songs having those awesome beats that could make anyone want to move. Singing nice songs may be good, but singing those songs can produce butterflies in your belly and complete you to move your body is awesome. Lil Scrappy sang songs that become the most popular songs in the fraternity of music.Darry Kevin Richardson's so-called Lil scrappy in his 15 years of music life have given the remarkable contribution to the American rap history. But you must not like to hear that this awesome Lil guy love by everyone has the net worth of just $700k. Yeah, it is just $700k, but don’t worry he has just at his 33 and will still going to make millions of dollars.

More than his net worth you might be interested to know the story behind his name “Lil Scrappy”. Well, the story is not so long but pretty interesting. That’s because he was discovered by producer and performer Lil’ Jon during a performance at a bar in ATL.

Lil Scrappy Source of Income

Lil Scrappy released his first album, “Bred to Die, Born to Live” on May 5, 2006, in collaboration with other rappers. Its sales made him worth $85k.The album’s first single, “Money in the Bank” performed so well, hitting number 28 on the Billboard 100 Chart. That’s the really big deal for the beginners with just debut album. After that, he has revealed more than six albums with different taste and worked in three movies.  His salary form love and Hip Hop Atlanta is $200k.

Lil Scrappy doesn’t have his own big Manson. Randy Williams, filed a warrant to evict Lil Scrappy from his nearly 4,000 square-foot house in the Atlanta suburbs after the rapper stopped paying the $3,000 a month rent. Seems like his financial status is really bad, while from this high engagement and popularity his fans have expected him to own least few million of dollars. This may be really disappointing to his fans.  Well, he claims that he spends most of his earning promotional stuff. In that case, we can actually say he is investing at these years for better results. But sure we have been waiting to hear some good news of our lovely rappers financial condition.

Lil Scrappy Personal Life

When things come to his personal life, the now finally has tight his knot, after he was committed to many girlfriends. Scrappy and Bambi have experienced a lot of love and loss together on reality TV shows. They have even got engaged on camera in this throwback video. And now after their marriage in October 2017, they are looking for some family kind of life.

If you have a look at his social media, his followers are more than this net worth. That reflects the impression his songs left over the listeners. He has 387k followers on Facebook and 848k on twitter.

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