Matt Bellamy Net Worth-How did Matt Bellamy make his net worth to $30 million?

Matt Bellamy Net Worth-How did Matt Bellamy make his net worth to $30 million?

Facts of Matt Bellamy Net Worth-How did Matt Bellamy make his net worth to $30 million?

Net worth$30 million
Date of Birth:1978 June 9
First NameMatthew James
Last NameBellamy
Age:46 years old
Birth Nation: United Kingdom
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inch

The lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter of rock band Muse, Matt Bellamy has the net worth of around $30 million.He is known for his stage performance, his singing style, and musical abilities.

How did Matt Bellamy make his net worth to $30 million?

The lead vocalist of the rock band Muse, Matt Bellamy who makes people enjoy his voice and musical abilities, has the net worth of around $30 million.In 1999, Muse band's album Showbiz earned $335,000.In 2001, Origin of Symmetry made him and his band earn $710,000.In 2002, Hullabaloo had the estimated earnings of $100,000.

In 2003, Matt along with his band earned $3 million from the album Absolution.In 2006, Muse's another album Black Holes and Revelations earned $4 million.The same year, the band earned about $1.9 million from the Black Holes and Revelations Tour.In 2008, Muse's live album HAARP earned $90,000.

Coming into 2009, Muse's next album Resistance earned $5 million.The same year, the band earned $101 million from The Resistance Tour.In 2012, next album The 2nd Law earned $2.7 million and The 2nd Law Tour helped the band earn $103 million.In 2013, next live album Live at Rome Olympic Stadium earned $130,000.

In 2015, Drones being the next album earned $620,000.The same year, the band earned $25 million from the Drones World Tour.Being a part of the band as a lead vocalist, Matt surely has managed to build his net worth to $30 million as his main source of income is all music and music.

Matt Bellamy's Property:

Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson's Pacific Palisades worth $5.3 million

How did Matt Bellamy spend his early days?

Matthew James Bellamy was born on 9 June 1978, in Cambridge, England.He was the son of George Bellamy, a rhythm guitarist of The Tornados and Marilyn.Matt has one older brother, Paul.

Matt's family moved to Teignmouth when he was very young.His parents divorced so he lived with his mother and brother.Matt was more attracted to music from his childhood days.He played piano at 6 and guitar at 11.Following a ceremony at his school, Matt performed for the first time in the stage playing piano.

Let's know more about Muse and Matt's time at Muse:

Matt Bellamy alongside Dominic Howard was in a band Gothic Plague when they were in college.But due to some reason, the band was broken.After then Matt and Dominic called Chris Wolstenholme to join them and formed a band in 1994.Originally they kept the name Rocket Baby Dolls but later changed to Muse.Muse consists of many styles including classical music, rock, electronica and many others.

The band, Muse has released a total of seven albums namely, Showbiz(1999), Origin of Symmetry(2001), Absolution(2003), Black Holes and Revelations(2006), The Resistance(2009), The 2nd Law(2012), and Drones(2015).HAARP(2008) and Live at Rome Olympic Stadium(2013) are the live albums.

Muse was the first band to perform in the Wembley Stadium, London.The band performed on 16-17 June 2007.

Matt Bellamy has been ranked in the top 30 several times as a guitarist.In 2010's Guinness Book of World Records, Matt Bellamy hold the record of most guitars smashed on a tour which is 140 during the Absolution Tour.

How is Matt Bellamy's Personal Life?

Matt dated Gaia Polloni, an Italian psychologist in 2000.The couple was engaged for 9 long years but they were separated in 2009.

Then in 2010, Matt dated Kate Hudson, an actress.They have one son together.The couple was separated in 2014.However, they are in a good relationship and co-operating their son.

After then Matt dated Elle Evan, a model in 2015.They are having an engagement.

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