Milo Yiannopoulos Net Worth-Let’s find out who is Milo Yiannopoulos, income, career & relationship

Milo Yiannopoulos Net Worth-Let’s find out who is Milo Yiannopoulos, income, career & relationship

Facts of Milo Yiannopoulos Net Worth-Let’s find out who is Milo Yiannopoulos, income, career & relationship

Net worth$4 million
Date of Birth:1984 October 18
First NameMilo
Last NameYiannopoulos
Age:39 years old
Birth Nation: United Kingdom

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An author, entrepreneur, journalist and a senior editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, also known as Milo Andreas Wagner has the net worth of $4 million.

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Looking at the net worth of $4 million, we can say that he has a good source of income. Currently, he serves as the senior editor of a website. Also, “The Kernel” that he founded was sold to Daily Dot media in the year 2014. His popularity on youtube has gained him with a half a million subscribers. It was said that his self-written biography reached number one on Amazon in the list of best-seller for pre-sales. His popularity in Amazon was a bit of controversy too.


Let's learn more about his assets and property.

Milo's family had a chalet in the Austrailian Alps and for his fifth birthday, he got a pony. He lived a lifestyle anyone would envy of.  Milo normally wears from the brands such as Versace and Gucci. He is living luxurious lifestyle, stays in fancy hotels and drinks expensive champagnes. 

He revealed that the outfit he wore recently in Austrailia is worth $150,000.

Milo has three luxury cars worth $650,000. The car brands he possesses is BMW and Ford.

He has a house worth $1 million. 

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Yiannopoulos realized his interest in technology journalism. He did so while investigating for the subject ‘women in computing’ in the year 2009. He has debated on numerous topics, such as same-sex marriage, Soho masses, copyright infringement and music piracy. He appeared on ‘The Big Questions’ in March 2015.  In the show, he discussed on various topics, such as topics related to feminism and discrimination against men in the US. In November 2017, he was hired by ‘The Daily Caller’ to write for their column. However, he got fired after his first column was published. Consequently, the person who hired him in the first place was also dismissed.

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Milo was born as Milo Hanrahan in England. He was born to Nicholas Hanrahan and his mother who had Jewish descent. His biological father and his mother got divorced and he was, therefore, raised by his mother and step-father. He did not have a good relationship with his step-father. It was said that he was expelled from his school, ‘Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys’. He attended the University of Manchester from which he dropped out before completing his education. He married his long-time boyfriend in September 2017. His African-American boyfriend and Milo’s relationship and identity have been a secret.

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Milo hosts charity events in order to help 15-18 year olds. In 2010, he organized ‘Young Rewired state’ competition. He also organized the London Nude Tech Calendar in order to collect funds for ‘Take Heart India’. His charity works have helped him gain popularity from all over the globe. He has thousands of fans and followers who adore him for what he does. His followers are yet to increase and reach the peak of his success.

We wish him all the best in his future works. Go, Milo! 

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