Robert De Niro Net Worth-Career, Source of Income & Assets

Robert De Niro Net Worth-Career, Source of Income & Assets

Facts of Robert De Niro Net Worth-Career, Source of Income & Assets

Net worth$200 million
Date of Birth:1943 August 17
First NameRobert De
Last NameNiro
AkaDe Niro
Age:80 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch

Robert De Niro has the net worth around $200 million dollars. Robert De Niro made fortune through his career as an actor, producer, director, and businessman.

Robert De Niro Career and Source of Income

When Robert De Niro was 10 years old, he made his stage debut in school drama “The Wizard Of Oz”. When he was 16, he pursues his dream and drops out from the schools. It shows how passionate he is about his career. His first debut in film was in “The Wedding Party” which was released in 1969, his salary for the movie was $500 dollars. In 1976, he played in “The Last Tycoon, in which he earned $200,000 dollars. In the movie Taxi Driver, he earned $35,000 dollars. In 1996, Robert played in the movie, “ sleepers” in which he made the income of $6 million dollars. In 1998, from the movie “Ronin’ he made the income of $14 million dollars.

He made $8 million dollars from the movie “Analyze This” which was released in 1999. In 2000 and 2001, he made the income of $13.5 million dollars and $15 million respectively from the movies “Meet The Parents” and “The Score”. In 2002, his earnings were estimated around $40 million dollars. in 2004, he had the earning around $35 million dollars, in which he made the $20 million dollars from “Meet The Fockers”. He earned $24.5 million dollars in 2009. From “Little Fockers” and “Stone” he made $20 million dollars and $2.5 million dollars respectively, in 2010. It was estimated his earnings in 2012 was $68 million dollars.

From 1974 to the present he played many roles, in which the lifetime Gross Total (81) $3,233,746,203 dollars on average he made $39.93 million dollars. from the ticket sale of his theater show from 1974 to till now he made the average $67.56 million dollars.

Robert De Niro’s Assets:

He is one of the celebrated actors of Hollywood. He owns the $4 million dollars mansion in the Hamptons. He also has a Penthouse Manhattan and other parts of the New York. He and his Second wife have a duplex in Brentwood on Central Park West. The duplex was estimated around $20 million dollars.

He also owns an apartment in New York, which is estimated around $14 million dollars. the apartment is 4,158 square feet. De Niro has many restaurants around the world. De Niro also owns the Nobu and TriBeCa Grill. He has co-founded the popular Tribeca Film Festival and the film studio TriBeCa Productions. De Niro also owns Greenwich Hotel and the restaurant Locanda Verde located inside It which is Tribeca-based.

He is very much fond of luxurious cars. His car collection is estimated around $2 million dollars. In the list of luxurious car, De Nir has A-list. He owns Maserati GRAN Turismo coupe worth around $152,000 dollars. He has Cadillac Escalade worth around $84,544 dollars. He owns Mercedes AMG GT CPE worth $152,553 dollars. He has Maybach-Sedan which cost around $168,442 dollars. he also owns 1968 Impala Chevy.


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