Todd Hoffman’s Wiki: 5 things you might know about him.

November 29, 2017Todd Hoffman’s Wiki: 5 things you might know about him.

Everyone knows Todd Hoffman is an American television personality who came into the spotlight after appearing in the Discovery's hit reality television series “Gold Rush” from 2010. He has inspired a huge number of people to follow their dreams.

For your information; Gold Rush is one of the famous reality show on the Disney Channel that focuses on the mining of the gold deposits around Yukon Territory in Candana. And Todd Hoffman rose into the fame through Gold Rush.

Today, in this particular column, we will let you guys know about Todd Hoffman’s five facts that they might not know about him. Scroll down to know more about him:

1. Todd Hoffman is a Married Man

Well, while some glimpse of Todd Hoffman’s professional life is available in the media, his personal life is still missing.

Speaking about his personal life, Hoffman is a married man. He is married to Shauna Hoffman. If you have noticed his talk, then you might have heard him claiming himself as a family oriented man.

He often mentions that his wife is his life and his rock and explains how beautiful she is. Hoffman is away from the scandals and controversies regarding his personal life which makes him much popular in today’s world.

2.Father of two Children

The Hoffman couple is blessed with two children; Hunter and Hudson. In one of the recent interview, Hoffman expressed that he is quite worried about his son. As Hunter is only 16 years old and being on television claims, he looks like Justin Bieber.

He furthermore added and claimed that if Hunter grows up on the television, then he will be like Miley Cyrus. He claims this is all bull. He also added that the family and believing in own self is what the real things happen in life.

Because of the fame and recognition, Hunter started changing, and if it goes beyond then, Hoffman will pull him from the show. The concern regarding the children and family life is what makes Hoffman is a loving father.

3. Hoffman Loves his Beard

In the very first season of Gold Rush, he just had a goatee, but now he has a long beard. He revealed that as the beard goes longer, he gets proud of it. According to Hoffman, using a bit of coconut oil can keep your beard in good condition.

As long as the beard is clean, combed, and in excellent condition, he claims that the beard will always look great on a man’s face.

4. A Quick Look at  his Salary

Todd Hoffman’s salary is one of the most searched topics about him. It has always been a great deal regarding his salary for each of the seasons on Gold Rush.

Sources claim that the network pays him around $200,000 to $400,000 per season. Even if he does not strike any gold, he still makes good money on the show. It’s a huge amount for someone who has started within ownself.

5. Hoffman’s Loss

Todd learned a great deal regarding the mining business on the job after working in the field for around three years. After collecting some money, he searched a great crew and kept all of his earnings into a mining operation in Guyana, South Africa.

The trip did not go well as he expected and was actually a disaster. His crew returned home with just 2 ounces of gold.

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