Parker Schnabel Net Worth | Wiki, Bio, GoldRush, Gold, Company, House, Twitter

Parker Schnabel Net Worth | Wiki, Bio, GoldRush, Gold, Company, House, Twitter

Facts of Parker Schnabel Net Worth | Wiki, Bio, GoldRush, Gold, Company, House, Twitter

Net worth$2 million
Date of Birth:1994 July 24
First NameParker
Last NameSchnabel
AkaParker Schnabel
Age:29 years old
Birth Nation: United States

Parker Schnabel is a young gold miner and reality television star enjoys a staggering net worth. Parker Schnabel lead is famous as the prominent member of the gold mining show 'Gold Rush'. The youngest gold-miner in the gold rush enjoys a hefty net worth of around $2 million. Parker's current salary is estimated to be $25k per episode, that is $500k per year.


Parker Schnabel's net worth: $2 million

Nowadays he is known for his skills and his mining activities. Having a successful family business he has succeeded with his other investments and fortune. Recently he has invested $600,000 in building a custom car wash which he thinks that it will help him accelerate in his mining work.

At the age of 16, he took the responsibility of his grandfather's Big Nugget Mine instead of going to a university for further studies. He and his team made a fortune in the show's fourth season. The team mined an impressive 1029 oz of gold. Likewise, Parker and his team discovered 3.7 million dollars worth gold in the show's sixth season. They had mined astounding 3362 ounces of gold during the season. It was the highest discovery in the history of Gold Rush. In Season 5, Parker and his team managed to pull off 2538 ounces of gold Worthing around $3 million.

Two Miners Todd Hoffman & Parker Schnabel Wager are back on Gold Rush Season 8 with $100,000.


Season 8 premiered on October 13, 2017. The season finds the Hoffman and Schnabel crews wagering 100 ounces of gold to the company that mines the most gold, with both vying for a 5,000-ounce season goal. Meanwhile, Tony Beets is disassembling, transporting, and reassembling another vintage dredge, resurrecting a method of placer mining that has not been in common use in Dawson City for half a century. It was announced that Season 8 of Gold Rush Live was the last season for the Hoffman Family.

Similarly, Season 9 was aired on October 11, 2018. The title of the episodes are :

Episode 0: "The Story So Far". 

Episode 1:  "Declaration of Independence", aired the following day and focused on Rick Ness, who is now operating independently from Parker Schnabel, along with Tony Beets and his family.

Lost Life's teacher

Parker's crew has been beating experienced Todd's squad since the season. Unfortunately, this season will be a tough one for Parker. He lost his precious advisers, John Schnabel, this 2016. His grandfather John died in his sleep on March 18, 2016.  However, the show's producer has immense trust in Parker. Parker was, in fact, a guy who saw success in gold mining even without a proper team, foreman, and accessories. He literally rose from the ashes and proved to be best in the business.

In season 4, Parker had used his own college fund to run his own gold mining operation. Last year, Parker lost one of the most prominent members of his crew, foreman Jene Cheesman. Jene was kind of MVP of Parker's crew. Parker felt lost without Jene. But he finally put his trust in Rick Ness and found the track again. Parker as a boss is a strong-headed guy, capable of taking tough decisions. Nevertheless, he has gained maturity over the years.

The Young Master

Schnabel, born on July 22, 1994, in Alaska, is an avid outdoorsman. Parker has been interested in exploring things, geology, and mining since his childhood. He grew up on his grandfather’s property at Big Nugget Mine. Furthermore, he is a very keen basketball player and curious traveler.

Parker Schnabel’s Childhood:

Parker Schnabel spent most of his vacation in his grandfather’s gold mine. His grandfather who is a legendary gold explorer Klondike John Schnabel suggests him some tips and about his life lessons. Since the childhood, he had gold fever and after he grew up he knew that he also wants to join his grandfather at his Big Nugget mining company and at his young age he worked in his grandmother’s mining company.


Parker Schnabel’s Education:

Parker Schnabel was not quite interested in studying so he didn’t join the college after his high school but he used his university resources to find a mining structure in which his luck also favored him. But at age 16, he managed his mining business and achieved success. The structure which he used from his university resource dug an impressive 1029 ounces of gold which was estimated around $1.4 million and was a rookie season.

Parker Schnabel studied geology and mining in college because he knew what he wants in his life since childhood. In college, he did his mining operation from the college funds which helped him appear on the TV series Gold Rush season 4.

Newfound Member

While he may have lost his life's teacher he still has his gold-miner father, Roger and new-found girlfriend from Australia, Ashley Yule, to keep his head calm. Parker says his girlfriend is super-understanding and helps him in his business. Parker is happy that his girlfriend understands the business he is in and leaves him alone when he is in rage mode. Parker met Ashley in Australia and later invited her to North America. The level-headed boss, Parker, is also happy that he invested $600,000 in a brand new wash plant for the 7th season.

Whenever anyone asked him about his marriage he revealed that he is not getting married anytime soon but he just had a good time with Ashley in Australia which was a lot of fun for him. For now, he is focusing on his work.



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