Paul Khoury Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio | know about his Net Worth, Career

Paul Khoury Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio | know about his Net Worth, Career

Facts of Paul Khoury Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio | know about his Net Worth, Career

Net worth$5 million
Date of Birth:1988 September 6
First NamePaul
Last NameKhoury
Age:35 years old
Birth Nation: Australia

Paul Khoury, the Lebanese-Australian television personality and voice talent, has a background that reflects a diverse journey in the entertainment industry. 

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Khoury's Net Worth

Khoury's income is subject to fluctuations based on project contracts, salary negotiations, and potential additional revenue streams such as sponsorships. The estimated net worth of Khoury is $5 million.

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Khoury's Early Life

Paul Khoury's early life is characterized by a blend of cultural influences and a burgeoning passion for creative pursuits. Born in September 6, 1988, he was raised in Melbourne, Australia, from a young age, indicating a significant cultural transition. 

During his formative years, Khoury developed a notable interest in music, showcasing his talents by playing bass guitar in a Melbourne-based band called "Gravel." This early involvement in the music scene hints at a foundational connection to the world of creative expression and performance.

Despite the scarcity of publicly available information about his formal education or qualifications, Paul Khoury's journey into the entertainment industry is marked by an unexpected turn. He entered the Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition, an unconventional route that led him into the public eye and launched his career in the Australian entertainment scene.

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Khoury's Career and Achievements

Paul Khoury has carved a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talents across various domains. While specific details about his early career steps remain under wraps, the notable achievements in his professional journey are evident.

His career has spanned multiple facets, including roles as a TV personality, voice talent, poker commentator, and host. Khoury has hosted a variety of shows, such as "Australian Poker Night," "Australia's Greatest Ever Blokes Awards," and "Australia's Brainiest Celebrity." His versatility is further demonstrated through appearances in TV dramas like "Blue Heelers," "Stingers," and "City Homicide."

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Beyond his on-screen roles, Khoury has ventured into voice acting for commercials and cartoons, showcasing a diverse skill set. He briefly explored a career in poker commentary, highlighting his adaptability within the entertainment landscape.

Paul Khoury's journey in the entertainment industry is characterized by versatility, entrepreneurial pursuits, and an unexpected entry into the public eye that kickstarted a successful and multifaceted career.

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Khoury's Personal Life

Paul Khoury is married to American actress Ashley Greene. The couple tied the knot in 2013, marking a significant chapter in Khoury's personal life. Greene is known for her role as Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" film series, and her successful acting career adds a layer of Hollywood glamour to their union. 

Khoury has ventured into entrepreneurship. He launched his own production company, Hummingway Productions, showcasing a commitment to creative projects and endeavors beyond his on-screen roles.

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Khoury's Engagement in Online World

Paul Khoury is moderately active on several social media platforms, offering glimpses into his life beyond the screen and connecting with his fans.  Khoury's most active platform is Instagramk, boasting 43.1K followers. Khoury maintains a Facebook page under the name "DJ Appolo Entertainment," primarily focused on his DJ career. It has 4.5K followers and showcases his work at weddings, events, and other gigs. Khoury's Twitter presence is less frequent, with around 800 followers. 

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