Alberto Del Rio’s Net Worth

Alberto Del Rio’s Net Worth

Facts of Alberto Del Rio’s Net Worth

Net worth$6 million
Date of Birth:1977 May 25
First NameAlberto Del
Last NameRio
AkaAlberto Del Rio
Age:47 years old

Alberto Del Rio's Net Worth:$6 Million

Alberto Del Rio belongs to the family of wrestlers and his family is listed as one of the richest Mexican wrestling families. With a tremendous net worth of around $6 million, Alberto not only kicks ass in the ring he does sell a big number. Jose Alberto Rodríguez famous with his ring name Alberto Del Rio is a Mexican wrestler who used to be a part of WWE main event or a co-main event roaster. After being fired from WWE he is currently involved with Impact Wrestling. The professional wrestler while working for WWE wrestler Alberto earned $675,000 as a salary in 2014.

Alberto Del Rio Career as WWE Wrestler and Earnings:

Alberto belongs from a family of entertainers and is one of the richest showmen in Mexico. From the very beginning of his career, he appeared as an interesting player and people liked his lavishness along with that it was always a pleasure to see his killer finishing move called Cross Arm breaker. He belongs to well-known Mexican wrestling family like luchador Dos Caras (father) and cousin of Sicodelico JR.Despite being a WWE wrestler, he is sponsored by Mercedes which is a little odd as WWE doesn’t allow its employees to own endorsements but a superstar like Alberto could obviously use an exception. Alberto always displayed his Mercedes and appeared in the ring in great outfits. He was showcased by WWE like a prince of a huge empire and to be honest Del Rio honestly was a prince of the Ring in all senses. He has a mansion in San Luis Potosí, Mexico which is a simple example of Luxury.

What was Alberto Del Rio’s salary in WWE in 2015?

Del Reo after winning Royal Rumble 2014, gradually changed his negative image into a positive one. He frequently appeared opposite to some famous superstars in WWE and by the beginning of 2015 Alberto was able to earn a yearly salary of $1.5 million excluding bonuses and winning bonus. Alberto inclusive of his winning amount and salary bonuses reportedly bagged around $2.5 million from WWE universe. By the end of 2015 Alberto was let go from the WWE and after that, he joined impact wrestling. Recently Alberto is not in the mainstream wrestling show business.

Alberto is also endorsed by a famous protein brand called Pre-Kaged and reportedly earns a good sum from the brand as well. Alberto Also owns a BMW-8 which costs around $150 thousands.

See the superstar addressing his fans from his BMW-8:

Here is another post from the day he bought his summer monster machine:

Other than that he recently added a super motor Harley Davidson on his collection and it’s the third in the row.

What is next for Alberto Del Rio?

Alberto, who is used to doing big number ticket sells along with extreme stage stunts will be a huge seller to all industry. And seeing that, it is possible that Del Rio may join UFC as it keeps looking forward to doing bigger number each day. Many big celebrities from WWE inclusive of Brock Lesner, Batista and CM Punk have tried and succeeded in the UFC,so Del Rio may try his hand on professional Mixed Martial Arts as he belongs from the family of entertainers; added the fact that he was a formal college level martial artist he can easily perform as well as do the big numbers.