Peter Paul Loughran Net Worth| Wiki | Career| Bio |actor | know about his Net Worth, Career

Peter Paul Loughran Net Worth| Wiki | Career| Bio |actor | know about his Net Worth, Career

Facts of Peter Paul Loughran Net Worth| Wiki | Career| Bio |actor | know about his Net Worth, Career

Net worth$600,000
Date of Birth:1969 July 7
First NamePeter Paul
Last NameLoughran
Age:54 years old
Birth Nation: Ireland

Peter Paul Loughran is a Northern Irish actor known for his role in the TV series "Highlander: The Raven," where he portrayed the character Methos.

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Loughran's Net Worth

Peter Paul Loughran's net worth is reported to be around $600,000. Peter Paul Loughran is involved in various professions, including being a musician, photographer, and hairstylist from Ireland, it showcases his versatility and diverse skill set. He gains income sourcr from his skills like music, Photography, hairstyling and so on.

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Loughran's Early Life

Peter was born on July 7, 1969. Peter Paul Loughran initially worked as a hair stylist in the United Kingdom for about a decade before making the decision to move to Los Angeles, United States, in 2007. This move marked a significant shift in his career and life.

Despite describing himself as a "stylish Irish kid," Loughran reportedly felt intimidated by the abundance of attractive people in Los Angeles who were meticulous about their appearance. However, he used this opportunity to establish himself as a prominent hair stylist in the city. In 2011, he founded his own company, Peter Paul Hair, in Los Angeles, and concurrently offered online consultancy services through his website,

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Loughran's Career and Achievements

Peter Paul Loughran's professional journey spans the realms of hairstyling, photography, and online consultancy. After dedicating approximately a decade to honing his skills as a hairstylist in the United Kingdom, Loughran took a bold step in 2007 by relocating to Los Angeles, USA. This move marked a pivotal moment in his career trajectory.

In Los Angeles, Loughran seized the opportunity to establish himself as a prominent figure in the hairstyling industry. In 2011, he founded his own company, Peter Paul Hair, showcasing his expertise and creativity in hairstyling. Beyond the confines of a traditional salon, Loughran embraced the digital era by venturing into online consultancy, offering advice and services through his website, This online platform allowed him to connect with clients beyond geographical boundaries.

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Adding to his multidimensional career, Loughran delved into the world of photography. He expanded his business, Peter Paul Inc., not only in Los Angeles but also in London and Ireland. This expansion aimed to uncover untapped sources of artistic talent among everyday individuals, reflecting his commitment to recognizing creativity in diverse forms.

While his professional achievements are noteworthy, Peter Paul Loughran became a subject of public interest primarily due to his relationship with actress Lena Headey. Their meeting in 2007 and subsequent marriage the same year garnered significant media attention. The relationship was marked by public scrutiny, including reports of a tumultuous marriage and an extended custody battle over their son. Despite the challenges, Loughran's career showcases versatility and adaptability across various creative domains.

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Loughran's Personal Life

Peter Paul Loughran's personal life has been notably marked by his marriage to acclaimed actress Lena Headey. The couple's journey began in 2007 when they first crossed paths, leading to a swift and high-profile marriage within the same year. The union resulted in the birth of their son, adding a familial dimension to Loughran's life.

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However, the couple's personal life faced significant challenges, culminating in a divorce and a protracted custody battle over their son. This legal dispute brought their personal matters into the public eye, attracting media scrutiny and attention.

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Loughran's Engagement in Online World

Peter Paul Loughran's engagement in the online world is characterized by a relatively low profile compared to some public figures. While he may not be as actively present on social media platforms, there are facets of his online presence tied to his professional endeavors. Specific information about Loughran's personal social media accounts was not widely available. It appears that he may choose to keep his personal life more private, a decision in line with the preferences of some individuals.

Professionally, Loughran, as a hairstylist and photographer, likely maintains an online presence related to his work. This could include portfolios showcasing his hairstyling and photography skills. Additionally, he has been involved in online consultancy, providing advice and services in the realm of hairstyling. This professional aspect of his online engagement may involve a dedicated website or platform where clients can connect with him for guidance.

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