Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth and know his income source, career, relationships, assets

Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth and know his income source, career, relationships, assets

Facts of Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth and know his income source, career, relationships, assets

Net worth$8 million dollars
Date of Birth:1968 April 14
First NameMichael Anthony
Last NameHall
AkaAnthony Michael Hall
Age:56 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch

An American actor, film producer, and director, Michael Anthony Hall, is also known as Anthony Michael Hall. He is famous for different teen-oriented films of the 1980s. It is estimated that the actor, Hall, has collected the net worth of $8 million.

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Know about sources of earning of Anthony Michael

Anthony's work in different fields like acting, filmmaking and singing has added a great fame and large sum of money to his life.

Talking about his movies, he has appeared on dozens of movies including popular movies like "The Breakfast Club", "Sixteen Candles", "Weird Science", "National Lampoon's Vacation", and many more.

One of his all-time popular movie, "The Dark Knight", released on July 14, 2008, with a total budget $ 180 million, grossed $1.005 billion, as per the Box office record.

Similarly, his other movies like "Foxcatcher", "All About the Benjamins", and "Out of Bounds", also grossed $13.5 million, $26.31 million, and $5.099 million respectively.

Moving towards his T.V. appearances he has appeared on many different TV shows and series like "The Gold Bug", "Jennifer's Journey", "James A. Michener's Texas", "Deadly Games", "A Bucket of Blood", and many more.

All these appearances have added a great chunk of money to Jeffrey's total net worth.

Have a look at Anthony's assets

Anthony has a luxurious house in Playa del Rey, California whose worth is still unknown but it is certain he must have paid in millions for the luxurious property.

He also owns some expensive cars. He is a keen collector of cars. His collection includes a Toyota car worth around $65,000 and also owns a black Mercedes Benz.

Know about the early life and career beginning of Anthony Micheal Hall

Micheal Hall was born on  April 14, 1968, in West Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is a son of  Mercedes Hall and  Larry Hall.

He was born with one sibling named Mary Christian who is an actress by profession and has played a movie named "The Breakfast Club".

He attended a St. Hugh's and St. Hilda's of  New York before moving on to Manhattan's Professional Children's School and began his career at the age of eight.

He started working in commercials and in the stage while he was a child and in 1980 made his screen debut.

Later on, he made his appearance on tv shows like "The Breakfast Club" and "Weird Science", in 1985.

After that, he appeared on many other TV shows and kept on gaining popularity as well as his net worth.

His first ever film appearance came in the year 1982 when he appeared in the movie titled, “Six Pack”, where he played as Doc.

Know about Anthony Michael Hall's personal life, relationships, and dating history

As of now, “ National Lampoon's Vacation”’s star, Hall, is still a bachelor and having a happy and successful life.

But Micheal Hall has been in relationships with Molly Ringwald from 1983 to 1984Lucia Oskerova in 2014Diana Falzone from 2009 - 2010, and Trisha Paytas from 2008 - 2013.

He also has dated many other divas of the industry including Corinne SaffellSandra GuerardFiona Forbes.

Now let us gather information related to Anthony Michael Hall's social media profile

Anthony is connected with his fans through his different social media accounts.

He has posted 91 times on Instagram and has 3,078 followers there.  

Similarly, on his Twitter account, he has twitted for 16 times until today, which gives him a total of 1518 followers.

Talking about his official Facebook page, he has 469 followers and has got 471 likes.

ProducerDirectorAmerican actor $8 millionMolly RingwaldApril 14, 1968 Boston, Massachusetts