John Goodman Net Worth- Know his earnings,movies,tvShows,wife, children, IMDB, family

John Goodman Net Worth- Know his earnings,movies,tvShows,wife, children, IMDB, family

Facts of John Goodman Net Worth- Know his earnings,movies,tvShows,wife, children, IMDB, family

Net worth$65 million
Date of Birth:1952 June 20
First NameJohn
Last NameGoodman
Age:71 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch

An American actor, John Goodman has the net worth of roughly around $65 million. He is known for his role in the series, Roseanne from 1988 to 1997.

John Goodman

What are the earnings of John Goodman? Know about his net worth:

More than four decades in the film industry has helped John Goodman to collect name, popularity, respect, and money. He enjoys the fortune of $65 million from film and television.

John Goodman House

John Goodman currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Back in 1994, John earned $3 million from the film, The Flintstones. A year later, his salary from the first season of Normal, Ohio was around $4.4 million.

He has been secret about his salary and earnings, however, in 2013, John earned $100,000 per episode from Alpha House. And in 2017, he earned around $250,000 per episode from the television show, Roseanne.

Goodman Car Crash

John Goodman's Car(Black Bentley) crash with Scott Wilson's Hyundai in February 2010 at Wellington.

Let's have a look at the box office sales of films in which John Goodman has made an appearance. This will give you clear attention to his net worth of $65 million.

Coyote Ugly(2000)= $113.92 million
The Emperor's New Groove(2000)= $169.33 million
Monsters, Inc.(2001)= $577.43 million
Jungle Book 2(2003)= $135.7 million
Cars(2006)= $462.22 million
Evan Almighty(2007)= $173.42 million
Bee(2007)= $287.59 million
The Princess and the Frog(2009)= $267.05 million
The Artist(2011)= $133.43 million
ParaNorman(2012)= $107.14 million
Argo(2012)= $232.33 million
The Hangover Part III(2013)= $362 million
Monsters University(2013)= $744.23 million
Transformers: Age of Extinction(2014)= $1.1 billion
Kong: Skull Island(2017)= $168.05 million
Transformers: The Last Knight(2017)= $605.43 million

How did John Goodman start his professional acting career? Let's know  about his major works on television:

John's interest in acting started when an injury his football career. He used to live near The Theater Distrtict after moving to New York in 1975.

John Goodman

John performed on stages before he found a role in a television film, The Face of Rage and Heart of Steel in 1983. The same year, he appeared in an episode of a television show, Chiefs.

The year 1983 was a perfect start for him as John made his film debut the same year. He had minor roles in the films, Eddi Macon's Run and also in The Survivors.

Goodman and Alec Badwin on SNL

A year later, he starred in the films, Crackers, C.H.U.D., Maria's Lovers, and Revenge of the Nerds. His other subsequent films included Sweet Dreams(1985), True Stories(1986), The Big Easy(1987), Raising Arizona(1987), Burglar(1987), The Wrong Guys(1987), and others.

John Goodman at Roseanne

Coming to 1988, John portrayed the role of Dan Conner in a television series, Roseanne. The show aired until 1997 and also in 2018. John received several awards and nominations for his role in the series.

He also starred in a television film, Kingfish and A Streetcar Named Desire in 1995. His other television shows include Pigs Next Door(2000), Norman, Ohio(2000), Father of the Pride(2004), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip(2006), You Don't Know Jack(2010), Alpha House(2013), The Conners(2018), and others.

List of John Goodman's Notable Films:

  • Sea of Love(1989)
  • Arachnophobia(1990)
  • Barton Fink(1991)
  • The Babe(1992)
  • The Big Lebowski(1998)
  • Speed Racer(2008)
  • Pope Joan(2009)
  • Argo(2012)
  • Flight(2012)
  • Inside Llewyn Davis(2013)
  • The Gambler(2014)
  • Trumbo(2015)
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane(2016)
  • Patriots Day(2016)

Where and when was John Goodman born? Know about his education also:

John Stephen Goodman was born on June 20, 1952, in Affton, Missouri, to the parents, Leslie Francis Goodman, and Virginia Roos Loosmore. He also has a sister and a brother.

John Stephen Goodman

About education, John went to Affton High School. In 1971, he joined Missouri State University on a football scholarship. And in 1974, he graduated with a degree in fine arts.

List of Awards Received by John Goodman:

  • American Comedy Awards for Funniest Male Performer in a TV Series- Roseanne(1989, 1990)
  • Viewers For Quality Television Awards for Best Actor in a Quality Comedy Series- Roseanne(1992)
  • Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series- Roseanne(1993)
  • World Soundtrack Awards Best Orignal Song Written for a Film- Monsters, Inc.(2002)
  • Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip(2007)
  • TV Land Awards for Innovator- Roseanne(2008)
  • 20/20 Awards for Best Supporting Actor- Barton Fink(2012)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture- Argo(2013)
  • Disney Legend Award for Animation(2013)
  • Satellite Awards for Best Actor- Alpha House(2014)
  • Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Film- 10 Cloverfield Lane(2017)

Let's know about Goodman's Married Life:

John Goodman has been married to Annabeth Hartzog since 1989. They currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

John with his wife and daughter

John and Annabeth have one daughter together, Molly who works as a production assistant in the film industry.

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