Kei Komuro's Net Worth

Kei Komuro's Net Worth

Facts of Kei Komuro's Net Worth

First NameKei
Last NameKomuro

There is nothing great than love! Money and fortune are all the temporary substances and is not valuable than love. Fortunes, Money, Amount, and Cash can’t just win the love and Princess Mako of Tokyo proved it.

After news broke out that Princess Mako will leave all of her luxury and royalty to marry a commoner Kei Komuro, people are surfing around to know about Kei Komuro’s net worth, their love story, and more about Kei Komuro.

How much is Kei Komuro’s Net Worth?

Everyone knows that Kei Komuro came into the spotlight after his long-term girlfriend and now fiancé Princess Mako. After the news broke out, people have been surfing around to know about Kei Komuro’s net worth.

Komuro is an associate at a Law Firm in Tokyo who previously worked as “Prince of the Sea” promoting tourism at the Shonan Beaches in Kanagawa Prefecture back in 2010.

Well, despite being followed by millions of Princess Mako’s fans and followers, Komuro still managed to keep all of the details regarding his net worth, assets, properties, and expensive gadgets away from the media.

Who is Kei Komuro?

Kei Komuro is an associate at a Law firm in Tokyo who is now all set to marry Princess Mako. He attended International Christian University in Tokyo city where he first his future wife, now fiancé Princess Mako.

Previously back in 2010, he worked as the Prince of the Sea where he promoted tourism at the Shonan beaches in Kanagawa Prefecture.

He is a former bank employee. He has been now working for a law firm since the spring of the year 2016. He now studies at the Hitotsubashi University's Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy with majors in business law. However, he has not been qualified as a lawyer.

At this moment, Kei Komuro lives in Kohoku Ward in Yokohama which lies a few miles away from Tokyo.

Kei Komuro and Princess Mako’s Love Story

Kei Komuro and Princess Mako first met while studying at International Christian University in Tokyo. News broke out on May 16, 2017, that Princess Mako will tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Kei Komuro who is a commoner.

The news made everyone believe that love is blind. Komuro met the press after Imperial Household Agency chief Shinichiro Yamamoto and confirmed the media that they will be tying the knot in 2018. They officially got engaged in mid-June.

Sources claim that the 25 years old princess will be the first to tie the knot among the four grandchildren of the emperor and Empress Michiko.

Princess Mako Leaves Royal Family

Princess Mako of Japan announced her engagement to a former university classmate and long-term boyfriend, Kei Komuro. Her marriage to Komuro means that the princess will lose her royal status under the Japanese law.

The female imperial family members will lose their status and won’t be a member of the royal family upon marriage to a commoner but the law won’t be the same for the male members.


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