Philip John May’s net worth – Theresa May’s husband

Philip John May’s net worth – Theresa May’s husband

Facts of Philip John May’s net worth – Theresa May’s husband

Net worth$2 million
Date of Birth:1957 September 18
First NamePhilip John
Last NameMay
Age:66 years old

Philip John May's net worth: $2 million

Philip John May is the husband of former U.K.'s ex-Home Secretary Theresa May, is estimated to have a net worth of almost $2 million. He works as the senior executive gaining profits from tax avoiding companies. John May is a senior executive with a huge investment of $1.4 trillion from the capital group, profiting from tax avoiding companies like Facebook, Google, Starbucks, and others. Philips wife is said to have an annual salary of almost $200,000. She is the first woman to hold two of the great offices of states in the country. May is himself a banker and has a huge salary that is not well-known. Married to the former Prime Minister, he got huge focus from medias and public. As the senior executive officer at an investment fund, he controls almost $1.4 trillion Worthing companies. The couple owns lots of houses and cars on their and governments name. As a prime minister, they are allowed to use prime ministerial cars like customized Jaguars. They own a lot of facilities increasing their net worth like free travel and accommodation, pension after leaving office and all. Also retrieving gifts from dignitaries like wine, iPad, and all.

Philip John May's Personal life

John May and Theresa May had known each other for a long time. He seems to keep some of his private life a secret, still, he was born to mother Joy May and Robert John May. Theresa May stands with her husband Philip John May, Philip spent his college life in Lincoln College of Oxford. With this, he also met Theresa in the college and started their love life. Being spouse of Minister, Philip doesn't seem to enjoy being called only after her husband. Philips father was a shoe wholesaler and mother a French teacher. The couple said to have a common interest in cricket and got married in 1980. Unfortunately, the couple has no child. Theresa was sharing her sad feelings for not having a baby even after such a long married life. Theresa's father died in a car crash and mother who had multiple sclerosis just died after some months. She said she got support from 2 years young man named Philip while working on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Philip used to have a keen interest in political life on early age but seems to have forgotten it. Instead of himself, he supported his wife to reach what she is today. Philip used to work as fund manager for Prudential Portfolio Manager. His job is to ensure clients happiness.

Philip John May's social engagement

Philip seems most active on Twitter as he tweets even small things and has a good number of followers. He seems to enjoy social life and expresses his feelings freely and replies almost all tweets. Theresa also seems to have a quite big amount of followers on her Twitter. They seem to post almost everything and enjoy their married life. Also, there were controversies whether or not Philip owns share with g4s. He doesn't own any share with g4s.

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