Rick Lagina’s net worth-Know his earnings, career,Lagina brothers

Rick Lagina’s net worth-Know his earnings, career,Lagina brothers

Facts of Rick Lagina’s net worth-Know his earnings, career,Lagina brothers

Net worth$2 Million
First NameRick
Last NameLagina’s
AkaRick Lagina

American TV personality RicK Lagina is a former US Postal worker. The producers and stars of the popular reality show, The Curse of Oak Island, Marty and Ricky are known as Lagina Brothers. Rick Lagina has achieved a staggering net worth of over $2 million so far. 

Rick Lagina networth

Importantly, fans best know Lagina for appearing in the History reality series, “The Curse of Oak Island.” Following his early days' dreams to go treasure hunting in the mysterious Island, Rick has also earned thousands of followers along the way. 

The show is currently in its fourth season while it started back in January 2014. The two brothers search for possible treasure on 140-acre island which is located off of Nova Scotia in Canada.

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Income sources of Rick Lagina

Before the production of the show, Rick had the net worth of $500,000. But eventually after the reality show rose to prominence, Ricky’s net worth also grew to $2 million.

His other sources of income are not revealed and Ricky seems to be secret about his life than Marty has been. It is challenging for us to know more details about Ricky.

Rick's obsession with Oak Island

lagin brother in oak island

Rick Lagina took his interest in the treasure of Oak Island when he was 11 years old. He became interested when he read the article in the Readers Digest.
The two brothers got more interested in the treasure of Oak Island when their father showed them an article in The Wall Street Journal.
Currently, Rick is a retired postal worker and as his main profession, he loves spending time in searching treasure with his brother, Marty.

Rick's Personal Life:

Born and raised in Kingsford, Northern Michigan, Rick was born to the parents George Lagina and Ann Cavalieri. Growing up, he gained interest after reading a well-researched issue of Reader’s Digest about "The Oak Island Mystery" in 1965. Later, he and his brother, Marty, came up with "The Curse of Oak Island" after collaborating with the Prometheus Entertainment. In fact, the active involvement of Rick and Marty Lagina in the television reality series has resulted in millions of viewers. No wonder, the research-based and technology-led treasure hunting show has enjoyed high ratings. Clearly, the Oak Island mystery was powerful enough to change the life of both the brothers.

All of his other information like education, relationship status is still unknown.

Treasure Hunt

In the television reality series, the brothers try innovative ways to trace out the 200-year-old buried treasures on Oak Island off the coast of Nova, Scotia, Canada.  They are often accompanied by a global consultancy of experts and modern technology.

AmericanRick LaginaAmerican TV Personality
$3 Million
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