Marty Lagina’s net worth – Lagina brothers net worth

Marty Lagina’s net worth – Lagina brothers net worth

Facts of Marty Lagina’s net worth – Lagina brothers net worth

Net worth$40 Million

Marty Lagina's net worth: $40 Million

Marty Lagina is an American reality television star, businessman, engineer, and winery/vineyard owner. He enjoys an estimated net worth of $40 million. Lagina reportedly makes around $500,000 annually in salary for appearing in the History reality series, “The Curse of Oak Island”. Importantly, Marty also looks after his family vineyard, Mary Vineyards, in Michigan with his fellow co-stars, son Alex Lagina and brother Rick Lagina. Before national recognition, he had spent decades promoting and utilizing energy business.


Born and raised in Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Marty initially chose to be an engineer. Post Marty's energy business career, he and his brother Rick came up with “The Curse of Oak Island”. Consequently, the brothers started searching for the treasures after the Prometheus Entertainment promoted the show. The brothers only gained national recognition after appearing in the reality series. In fact, the idea of the treasure hunting reality show had started with an obsession.

Treasure Hunt by Lagina brothers.


The obsession started when Marty and his brother Rick Lagina also called Lagina brothers, Lagina brothers found about the treasures reading a well-researched issue of Reader’s Digest about "The Oak Island Mystery" in 1965. Later, the two brothers started searching for the allegedly hidden treasures beneath the Oak Island.

In the television reality series, the brothers try innovative ways to trace out the buried treasures on Oak Island off the coast of Nova, Scotia, Canada.  They are often accompanied by a global consultancy of experts and modern technology. The Oak Island mystery was powerful enough to change the life of both the brothers.

Marty Lagina is a founder of Mari Vineyards from where a wide variety of red wines are produced in Michigan. To make world-class wine he made impossible things to be possible. He grew such grapes which are not favorable in that place Michigan.


Personal Life

Marty Lagina from Kingsford got married to Olivia Lagina and it has been two decades already in their marriage and they are happy with each other.They have two children- Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina. Marty's personal life is still the topic of mystery, his personal information is not revealed in the media. He got in the frame of media through his reality shows “The Curse of Oak Island” with his brother  Rick Lagina.


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