Rob Gronkowski’s net worth

Rob Gronkowski’s net worth

Facts of Rob Gronkowski’s net worth

Net worth$15 million
Date of Birth:1989 May 14
First NameRob
Last NameGronkowski
Age:34 years old

Rob Gronkowski's net worth: $15 million

Gronkowski is an American football player for the team New England Patriots Worthing almost $15 million. Rob has a huge salary of $9 million and a huge signing bonus of $8 million. He also has a bonus of $5million on injuries. Also, he got workout bonuses of almost $300000 till date. With this, he also has per game bonuses of almost $800000 till today. It is estimated he will have a net worth of almost $58 million within 2020. Rob has huge net worth and salary but also has paid fines of a total of $30000. He has fines because taunting against Cincinnati, fighting and being rude unnecessarily.

Gronkowski, the legendary player has not only owned names but also achievements, awards for his skills overwhelming others. He has played for over 7 years with an estimated matches over 150. He also has secured over 90 wins for his team with over 6000 yards of running in total.

Rob Gronkowski's Career and Personal Life

Gronkowski has been a loyal player to the Patriots since early 2010. With such long years in footballing, he has gained lots of honor and prestigious awards. He was named as the co-captain in the year 2016 for the first time. Rob also has been known as the first tight end in NFL history to lead the conference with 108 points ahead. He ended his rookie season with 10 touchdowns, the most touchdowns by tight ends, which was a history of his team. Also earning Pro Bowl selection from 2011 to 2015. He is the 5th player to have over 50 touchdowns in first five seasons. Later, he capped it to 60 in his 71st game. He reached it to 69 and made history to the team of his. Rob has high stats of winning and lots of colleges with whom he hangs out. Talking about his personal life, he seems to be single since a long time and hasn't been dating anyone. There were rumors of him dating with a cheerleader but is still unknown. Rob was born to Gordon Gronkowski and Diane Walters with four siblings. From his career history, he has been awarded All-Pro, Best Comeback Athlete, Pepsi NFL Rookie of the week and Comeback Player.

Rob Gronkowski's Early Life

Born on May 14 of the year 1989 in the Amherst of New York, he has a height of 6'6" and weighs 120 kg. He spent his school days and college days mostly by playing American football. With a keen interest in American Football, he joined schools with many ECA. Rob completed his schooling from Churchhill Woodland Hills, and college from Arizona. As a good player in American football, he got drafted in the team Patriots and is serving it till date. He was one of the best players from his college friends at the time. Even missing out his first three games, he had 47 receptions and 672 yards and got into top ten touchdown teams. Rob completed most matches brilliantly and completed his rookie season. He got highlighted from his touchdowns, receptions and yards completed. Also, with his skills he got eyes from the media, increasing his fan rates and popularity.

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