Alexa Bliss’s Net Worth

Alexa Bliss’s Net Worth

Facts of Alexa Bliss’s Net Worth

Net worth$600 thousand
Date of Birth:1991 August 9
First NameAlexa
Last NameBliss
AkaAlexa Bliss
Age:27 years old

Alexa Bliss's Net Worth: $600 Thousand

25 years old sexy WWE diva Alexa Bliss has made it large starting from the bottom. The cute looking WWE superstar Bliss is one of the best performers inspired by the legendary Ray-Misterio. It may come as a surprise that Alexa Bliss reportedly earns only $70,000 as salary from her career with WWE but The Ohio resident, as of 2017 holds a tremendous net worth of $600 thousand. Appearing with an image of Harley Queen, Alexis Kaufman AKA Alexa Bliss who recently won Women’s champion is one of the coolest characters to watch in WWE in recent days. The athlete has managed to keep her sweet-vicious image on stage and has created curiosity in her fan’s heart. While in action, she looks sweet bouncing in the ring, 5 foot 1 inches doesn’t necessarily look like an impressive height but the air born athlete is best when she is in action and is famous for bouncing people off the ring. Let’s have a look at Alexa’s earnings from WWE and see if she really earns $70000 a year WWE is always in the search of unique talents, the $4 billion worth company is always branching out and diversifying every passing day. It is not an exception that WWE’s Harley is any exception; like every other celebrity, she is also into cool T-shirt prints and on other plastic toys.

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Here is a short account of what we are talking about. Her fame has even got her on the Fizzit spinners as well. 



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As WWE is undoubtedly a big company who doesn’t believe in individual endorsements, they take deals from bigger companies for themselves but at the end, they provide their employees with a good bonus amount. The amount of bonus varies with the fame as undercard gets around 40% of their total salary as a bonus and main cards which bring in Pay-Per-View money added the live show viewer’s everyday get around 60% of bonus money. And we do know that she is not an undercard star so we think her salary goes up to six figure. Let’s take a look at her house lifestyle to find out how she spends her blood Sweat earned money: The Smack Down champion lives in a She has a pig named Larry Steve and has a loving boyfriend Buddy Murphy.

Alexa Bliss Personal Life

She currently lives in her Ohio based mansion with her dog and boyfriend and other than that she is a pretty fond of partying and hanging out with her parents. So, the university graduate is now living with all luxury in style. We surely know the entertainer is a long running horse in WWE and is surely going to turn into a big hit, the way she is progressing in the world of wrestling. For more keep in touch with us and do visit us for more on your celebrity and their worth.