David Lee Roth Net Worth:Know about Multi-talented musician David Lee Roth & his income,albums

David Lee Roth Net Worth:Know about Multi-talented musician David Lee Roth & his income,albums

Facts of David Lee Roth Net Worth:Know about Multi-talented musician David Lee Roth & his income,albums

Net worth$60 million
Date of Birth:1954 October 10
First NameDavid Lee
Last NameRoth
AkaDiamond Dave
Age:69 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet

David Lee Roth is a lead vocalist, songwriter, actor, author and also the radio personality who is best known for rock music. He is the frontman of the band, Van Halen has an estimated net worth of $60 million.


David Lee Roth Net Worth

The net worth of David Lee Roth ...

In 1978, Roth made $10,875,000 from his first song debut album, Van Halen.In the following year, he managed to earn $5, 32000 from the same album.

Roth, in 1990 from his another hit album, Women and Children received $3,230,000 in a single year. His estimated earnings in 1981 from his album, Air Warning was $2,100,000.

From 1982-84, Roth earned $52,481,000 from his albums Fair Warning and Diver Down.

David Lee Roth has made tons of money from his acting career. His movie “Crazy from the Heat” brought him $1,000,000.

In 1986 from the album, 5150 Roth along with his band members earned $6,610,000.His live show in 1987 received $200,000.Roth’s career went in a high pitch in 1988 as his album 0U812 earned $4,060,000 and in the same year, his other hit album Skyscraper earned $1,100,000.

Since 1991-2012, Roth has managed to earn about $14,785,394 from his albums like Different kind of truth, the compilation, DLR, Volume, and Balance. 

The total net worth of David Lee Roth is $60 million.

Early Life of David Lee Roth…

David Lee Roth was born on 10th October 1954. He is the son of the famous Ophthalmologist, Sibyl Roth. He claims to be the first ever manager of Van Halen band. David Lee Roth comes from a Jewish heritage and most of his family members are surgeons. His uncle had his own radio station named as “Café Wha”; which inspired Roth to join the show business. He also started hosting his own radio show where his uncle was his first guest.

Roth had troubles in his teenage and has visited a psychiatrist 3 times. He studied in The Webb School and in John Muir High School. Then he joined Pasadena City College but he didn’t graduate as he started his music career after meeting the Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex. For sometime Roth worked as the hospital orderly.

How David Lee Roth become successful…

First Roth started singing solo and then formed the band Red Ball Jets. In 1974, Roth was approached to join the Mammoth band as a lead singer. He agreed to join the band. Later the band changed its name to Van Halen which kissed the height of success.

Roth along with his band member sang original and cover songs which attracted local people at first. They played in Starwood Club in daily bases. After 4 months the band was recognized by Gene Simmons and he helped them in their first tape. Ted Temple man then signed a contract with the band after hearing them.

David Lee also plays instruments like guitar and Harmonica. In his songs like, “Ice Cream Man”, “The Full Bug” and “Could This Be Magic”, he shows his skills on the slide and acoustic guitar. In 1978, the band after their first debut album they received national attention and sold $12 million copies. Since then the band has always been popular amongst its audience.

In 1985, Roth started focused on his solo career and released songs like California Girls and Just a Gigolo. In 1985 the band, Van Halen sink and all the members started their own solo career due to the different taste in music genres.

Roth was featured in a movie, “crazy from the heat”. In 1996, Roth reunited with his former band members and after few years the band again started to shine together.

David Lee Roth’s relationships…

Roth had an open relationship with the famous costume designer, Fleur Theimer in 1986. Later in the same year, Roth was linked with the renowned Hollywood actress, Brooke Shields. Roth also was in the relationship with an African model, Caron Bernstein. Currently, there has been a rumor about Roth dating a Japanese girl.

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