Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan Net Worth

Facts of Jackie Chan Net Worth

Net worth$39 million dollar
Date of Birth:1954 April 7
First NameChan
Last NameKong-sang
AkaJackie Chan, Yuen Lou, Big Brother
Age:70 years old
Birth Nation: Hong Kong
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inch


Jackie Chan holds the Net-Worth of $395 Million. Asia's 1st Highest paying actor and ranks as the World 2nd Highest paying actor, it's no secret that he is one of the fantastic & entertaining actor's of all times. Appearing in almost 200 films, he also holds the World Record for “Most Stunts by a Living Actor” and recently got “Honorary Oscar Award”. It was in 1978 Chan became popular with the release of “Snake in the Eagle's Shadow” and “Drunken Master”, which made about 350,000 U.S. dollar's and 850,000 U.S. dollar's respectively at Chinese Box Office and considers widely as one of the best films. His first film release “The Protector” on 1985 was the huge failure in American Box Office, later he decided to release “Police Story”, which then became the huge success also in Asia, Collecting net-worth of 3.4 U.S. Million dollars. Countless sequels were made of this film, Jackie Chan also regards as one of his best works.

At the beginning of his film career in the United States on 1985’s his films the “Rumble in the Bronx” collected over 32.4 U.S. Million dollars and the “Rush Hour” On 1998 Collected Over 244.4 U.S. Million dollars. His American made film got released 2 years later, which gathered over 99.3 US Million dollar for his American filmmaking company known as the “Golden Harvest Company”. In 2003, Chan decided to start his own production company as he didn't like the way his Creative Freedom was been controlled by Hollywood, he planned to release all future films outside the Hong Kong. In Mid-2000’s his films like “Tuxedo” didn't work well, as it didn't manage to entertain the same audience, Chan was facing ups and downs in American Film Industry from 2004 to 2007. But then in 2008, he gained much more popular among younger audience within the United States, as he did his voiceover playing the character in 3D animated “Kung Fu Panda” with actors like “Jack Black” and “Angelina Jolie”.

In 2010, Chan purchased $7million dollar of apartment “ Centennial Suites” at Singapore, consisting of 2, 3 & 4-bedroom apartments. In 2007 purchased “Jinrikisha Station Building” in Singapore for $ 7.6 million consisting of restaurants, shops, office, and nightclubs. He also has a hideout house & Mansion at Aberdeen Harbour both located in Hong Kong, has 2.1 million worth 2 apartments called OVE twin Peaks spread under 1,142 square feet at Singapore. Owns the house in Miami, USA and Macintosh Island, Australia.

On 2014, Jackie Chan bought his car “Bentley Mulsanne” for $325,000, apart from that he also has “Jackie Chan Special Edition Evo IX” which he bought for $ 77, 193 in 2005, Only 50 such car was produced. His “ Mitsubishi Fire Sports Evo VIII MR” is one of a kind, Specially made for him, He Auctioned his ”Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition” for $ 1.8 million dollars for Jackie Chan Charitable Trust. He owns his private Jet plane the “Embraer Legacy 500 Business Jet” for $ 20 million, 12 seated plane it was delivered to him in February 2016. He also owns the “Embraer Legacy 650” for $ 26 million. The Wristwatch “RM 057 Jackie Chan Tourbillon Dragon” was created only 36 units, One was presented to him on 2012 which holds the net worth of $621,224.

After the success of his many Comedic action movies, Chan is making more money than ever, he has estimated to have made $61 million dollars alone by end of 2016. He is doing much better now, then he was year's ago. Having Six Projects scheduled to be released in 2017, Chan shows no sign of slowing down.

Investment & Business

He is the co-owner of JCE Movies Limited, founded in 2004 the company has released 10 films, 5 starring Jackie Chan, Co-owner of Jackie Chan Cinema currently operating in 37 locations. Apart from that he also has his investments on restaurants the Jackie’s Kitchen & Jackie Chan Cafe, the outlets are located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines & USA. His also the Co-owner at Jackie Chan DC racing, Invested in 2016, In 2016-2017 Asian Le Mans Series the team came second winning two race.


Jackie Chan is Founder of Dragon’s Heart Charity, that has built more than 24 schools across China and also provides free uniform and wheelchairs. Also, The Founder of Jackie Chan Charitable, provides Aid to the youth of Hong Kong, the project like Jackie Chan Gymnasium at Lingnan University. Chan donated $ 68, 000 for the “Nepal Earthquake” Victims, Donated $ 68, 000 for “Thailand Flood” Victims. Apart from that he also donated $732,000 & $436,000 for “Haiti Earthquake” & “Tianjin Explosion” respectively.

Early Life

Chan Kong-sang(Jackie Chan) was born on 7th April 1954, Hong Kong. His father worked as cook & mother as the maid at the French Embassy. As a child, he appeared in small roles and later worked as stunts man and acted in few films, At age 22, Due to the lack of work he moved to Australia and worked there as the construction worker. At that same year, he received a message from the producer for offering him role in new “Fist of Fury”.

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