Paulo Coelho Net Worth|Wiki: Know his earnings,biography, books, career, wife

Paulo Coelho Net Worth|Wiki: Know his earnings,biography, books, career, wife

Facts of Paulo Coelho Net Worth|Wiki: Know his earnings,biography, books, career, wife

Net worth$500 million
Date of Birth:1947 August 24
First NamePaulo
Last NameCoelho
Age:76 years old
Birth Nation: Brazil
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch

Paulo Coehlo is a Brazilian novelist as well as a lyricist whose net worth is $550 million. He has given in major contribution to the literature field with his outstanding books. One of the best books which have ever been written by him is “ The Alchemist”.

 Paulo Coehlo

How did  Paulo Coehlo manage to collect such enough worth? Which books gave major contributions to build up his fortune? Here is some of the information.

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Income sources of Paulo Coehlo

His main source of income is due to his profession of being a writer, with an annual income of about $63 million. Besides he also a lyricist. He earns extra income around $50 K from his personal blog and others due to sales of his book. As far as the topic of the book, “The Alchemist” it is said that 65 million copies have been sold which has definitely made a huge amount of wealth. His other books such as “The Winner Stands Alone”, “Eleven Minutes”, “Brida” etc are also famous. His last book "Hippie" is also making a good amount of fortune. The net worth of some years is given below:

2019 - $550 million

2018 - $500 million

2017- $500 million (approx)


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Assets and properties of Paulo Coehlo

Since his early life, Paulo had dreamed up of becoming a successful writer. His current status is all due to his writing style. His major part of assets is his books which always have brought him to light.  This major part of his net worth which is about $550 million is the sum of the royalty given to his books. Besides, he also owns a permanent house in Geneva, Switzerland.

Is it easy to start a career being a writer? Or one should go through hurdles and only achieve his dream? 

Career Details of Paulo Coehlo

Paulo started his career in Brazil as a lyricist. He had worked with many singers and had composed lyrics for Ellis Regina, Rita Lee, and Brazillian icon Raul Seixas. Due to the content of some songs, Coelho was arrested and tortured by the ruling military government as they considered his lyrics to be dangerous and provoking. Besides his work as a lyricist, he also explored a new approach such as acting, journalism and theater direction. These avenues were before he was determined to pursue his passion for writing as a full-time career. In 1986, Coelho shared his experiences on the behalf of spiritual awakening in his autobiography The Pilgrimage. This biography later portrayed his life in the film which was also named “The Pilgrim”. In this movie, two different actors had played the role of the Coelho, subsequently in his young and the old age. This movie was originally shot in Portuguese. However, the premiere was released in Brazil in 2014. In 2015, this film was distributed worldwide.

Some of his major books and the dates areas:

1982- Hell Archives

1987- The Pilgrimage

1988- The Alchemist

1990- Brida

1996- The Fifth Mountain  

2005- The Zahir

2008- The Winner Stands Alone

2016- The Spy  


nThe PilgrimageBeing the writer, he had won most of the hearts. His artistic creation of writing has been honored in the form of various awards.

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Awards and achievements of Paulo Coehlo

Coehlo was awarded many times for his works. The major achievements he has received till date are given below:

2002 - His book, “The Alchemist” received Corine International Award for Best Fiction in Germany

2004- The Same book of his, “The Alchemist” received a Nielsen Gold Book Award, in the UK, and “Eleven Minutes” got Ex Libris Award in Serbia,

2007 -  Hans Christian Andersen Award in Denmark

2006- Association of Mexican Booksellers Las Pergolas Prize in Mexico and The Religion Communicators Council Wilbur Award in the U.S. Also in the same year “The Zahir” won Kiklop Literary Award Hit of the Year in Croatia.

Does every child have the freedom of choosing his dreams? Was Coelho already supposed to be a writer? Or he was forced into another track? 

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Early life of Paulo Coehlo

Paulo Coehlo de Souza was born on 24 August 1947,  to the parents  Pedro Queima de Coelho de Souza and Lygia Coelho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a sister named Sonia Coelho de Souza. In his early childhood, he attended a Jesuit school. His aim was to become a writer but his parents were not happy with his choice of and they had thought his career preference as insignificant. This created the opposite mindset between parents and him. When he was in his 17, his parents admitted him to a mental institution. He was about to release at the age of 20. but he escaped out from their earlier. He was forced much time to give up upon in his dreams of becoming a writer. His parents continuously insisted him to attend law school. He enrolled himself in a law school but after a year he dropped out and followed his dream of becoming a writer.

What about the personal life of Paulo? Here is a short detail of his relationship.

Personal life of Paulo Coehlo

Talking about his personal relationship, he was got married thrice. At first, Coelho married Gisa in 1971 and it lasted for 3 years till 1974. Then he married  Cissa in 1976 which only lasted for a year. For the third time In 1980, he got married to artist Christina Oiticica. Half of the year, they lived in Rio de Janerio and the other half in  Pyrenees Mountains of France where there was his country house. At present they live in Geneva, Switzerland which is also their permanent address. Paulo does not have any children.

Paulo Coehlo and his wife

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 The philanthropy of Paulo Coehlo

On 11 February he posted in social media that he just had received the keys of this beautiful building which is the new siege of the Foundation Christina Oiticica & Paulo Coelho. He also added that the opening is in late November. 

New siege of the Foundation Christina Oiticica &Paulo Coelho

Rumors of Paulo Coehlo

There are not such interesting rumors heard about him. Some resources say that He started using drugs in the 1960s. 

Paulo Coehlo: Engagement on the online world

Paulo Coehlo is quite active in the online world. His official account has 15.4 million followers on Twitter and 1.9 million followers on Instagram. His Facebook account has 2.7 million subscribers. He constantly updates himself to different media. 

 Paulo Coehlo

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