Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2017

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2017

Facts of Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2017

Net worth$150 million
Date of Birth:1980 December 7
First NameDan Brandon
Last NameBilzerian
Age:43 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inch

The full name of Dan Bilzerian is Dan Brandon Bilzerian who is an American professional poker player. He is the son of corporate takeover specialist Paul Alec Bilzerian aka Paul Bilzerian and brother of American born Nevisian poker player and writer Adam Bilzerian.

As Dan Bilzerian’s parents and brother are the public faces which makes people quite curious to know about the net worth of their entire family. Well, today in this column, we will be talking about Dan Bilzerian’s net worth, salary, sources of income, and career details too.

How much is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

Sources claim that Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. Actually, his father Paul Bilzerian helped him to collect such a huge amount. He made $150 million after his father gave him and his brother, Adam trust funds.

Back in 2016, the self-described venture capitalist took a role in the War Dogs who won a $300 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to sell the arms to allies in Afghanistan. He is now recognized as the star and executive producer of Blitz’s Real Hollywood Stories which is a TV series.

How Dan Bilzerian made $150 million?

Back in 2009, in the 40th World Series of Poker, Dan Bilzerian finished in the 180th place and successfully grabbed $36,626. After four years in 2013, he won $10.8 million from a similar kind of competition. In the same year, he sponsored his fellow poker player and friend, Jay Farber with $2000 at the World Series of Poker Tournament.

After his friend, Farber took the second position in the main event, he gave Bilzerian $1 million. If you have checked his Instagram, you might know that he lives a lavish lifestyle full of luxury.

According to some sources, Bilzerian went broke a couple of times and was compelled to sell some of his gun collection. But he is quite lucky and overcame all those problems. One way ticket to Las Vegas changed his entire time.

Bilzerian banked a reported $187,000 which made him one of the most popular students on the campus. While he was still studying in the college, he would gross up to $90,000 every week on the poker circuit.

In 2014, there was news that Bilzerian sued the producers of the movie, Lone Survivor. His lawsuits claim that he lent the production of that film $1 million in order to let him for a minimum of eight minutes of the screen time with 80 words of dialogue.

But his role was reduced to just one line and less than even a single minute. He demanded a lawsuit of $1.2 million which is the sum of an original loan and 20 percent penalty.

You might know that Bilzerian was once banned from a Miami nightclub in August 2014. He was banned after he was found kicking model Vanessa Castano during a brawl. In another side, Bilzerian claimed that Castano and two other women attacked his female companion.

Later, Castano filed a lawsuit against him for her injuries and asked Bilzerian for $1 million to settle the suit.


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