Nas Net Worth- Find his source of income and more about his personal and early life.

Nas Net Worth- Find his source of income and more about his personal and early life.

Facts of Nas Net Worth- Find his source of income and more about his personal and early life.

Net worth$17million
Date of Birth:1973 September 14
First NameNasir
Last NameJonas
Age:50 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch

Know Net worth of Nas, Career, Personal Life and his Early Life

Nas who is also known as Nasty Nas. Nasir bin Olu Dara is an American rapper and actor. In addition to being an artist, Nas is also an industrialist who right now owns a Fila sneaker store, a magazine publishing, and his own record label. He also currently serves as the associate publisher of Mass Appeal Magazine.

Nas has an estimated net worth of  $17 million.

Nas - Source of Income                                                                          

His Revealed Earning from album deal with Def Jam is $4,000,000.  Earnings per week according to Nas' ex-wife in 2009 is  $244,000.Similarly, his earnings from the album and single sales of his tenth album Life is Good and previous albums is  $6,000,000.

He was allegedly paid $300,000 for a show in Angola which he didn't show up. He returned $200,000 only and his total earnings in 2012 was $11 million. The estimated value of Nas' Royce Phantom Black edition is $179000.  The value of Nas' Audemars Piguet Splash watch is $19,000.  The combined value of Nas' Tom Ford “Cyrille” Aviator and Gucci sneakers is $1000.  The value of Nas' home in McDonough Georgia is worth about $659000.  He also has many fast cars among which Rolls-Royce is his personal favorite.

He is additionally part of numerous supports with the brands like Audemars Piguet Splash which supply him numerous priceless watches. He is also a part of Tom Ford “Cyrille” Aviator which supply him extremely valuable  Aviator sunglasses.

Likewise, he is a proud brand partner with Gucci Sneakers.He was the creator of his Capital firm which was called to be Queensbridge Ventures.His capital Firm Company made many speculations which include a share of $100-$500,000.

Career of Nas

Nas is frequently named as one of the greatest hip-hop artists, he has released eight successive platinum and multi-platinum albums, offering over 25 million records around the world. Like his debut album ‘Illmatic’, a greater part of his albums are acclaimed as a “piece of perfection”, and acknowledged as a “classic work”.

Billboard has acknowledged him as one among the top "10 Best Rappers", and has put him in the principal position in the list of top "50 Greatest MCs" for two repeated years. He has been recognized for his ability to make enchantment with lyrics and music.

MTV additionally honored him by placing him No. 4 on its "Hottest MCs" list, ‘The Source’ magazine has given him the second position on its list of "Top 50 Lyricists.”  The Poetics of Hip Hop’ that Nas is modern rap's best leader.

Nas is also a tactical industrialist and has spent in numerous startups ranging from online retail to technology, and from job placement to restaurants. Likewise, he has invested in ‘Mass Appeal Magazine,’ and serves as its correlated publisher.

Early life

Nas was born as Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones in Brooklyn, on September 14, 1973. His sibling, Jabari Fret, is a part of the hip-hop group Bravehearts. When Nas was a child, his family migrated to the Queensbridge Houses in the Long Island City. He got attracted to hip-hop by listening to records at his neighbor Willie "Ill Will" Graham’s place.

Personal life

 Nas’ ex-fiancée Carmen Bryan delivered their daughter, Destiny, on June 15, 1994. Nas has likewise dated singer Mary Blige. Following a two-year relationship, he wedded R&B singer Kelis in 2005. Their child Knight was born on July 21, 2009. The couple separated on May 21, 2010.


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