Seal Net Worth|Wiki|Bio|Career: A british singer, his earnings, songs, awards, wife, childrens

Seal Net Worth|Wiki|Bio|Career: A british singer, his earnings, songs, awards, wife, childrens

Facts of Seal Net Worth|Wiki|Bio|Career: A british singer, his earnings, songs, awards, wife, childrens

Net worth$40 million
Date of Birth:1963 February 19
First NameHenry Olusegun Adeola
Last NameSamuel
Age:61 years old
Birth Nation: United Kingdom
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch

A popular British singer-songwriter, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, known professionally as Seal has an estimated net worth of $40 million as of 2021. He is popularly known for his hit songs like "Crazy" and "Killer". 

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Income Sources of Seal

Seal has made almost every bit of earning from his singing career. A detailed description of Seal's earnings over the years is given below-

  Album/Song/Event Earnings
1. Earning from record sales in the year 1991 $2,205,000
2. Earning from record sales in the year 1994 $4,380,000
3. Earning from the album "Human Being" (1998) $560,000
4. Earning from record sales in the year 2003 $1,185,000
5. Earning from record sales in the year 2004 $667,500
6. Earning from his live album "System" (2005) $20,000
7. Earning from his album "System" in 2007 $190,000
8. Earning from record sales in the year 2008 $2,375,000
9. Earning from his compilation album hits (2009)  $135,000
10. Earning from his album "Seal 6: Commitment" (2010) $160,000
11. Earning from his album "Soul 2" (2011) $115,000
12. Earning from his album "7" (2015) $50,000

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Assets and Property of Seal

Seal has accumulated a good amount of bank balance in his career and living a lavish lifestyle. He currently lives in a luxurious mansion in a mountaintop retreat near Topanga, California, in the scrubby, fire-scarred mountains above Malibu, which he purchased for a total amount of $3.5 million. The mansion covers a total area of 3,600 square feet and consists of four modern bedrooms and five sleekly updated washrooms. Seal previously lived in a villa in the mountains above Beverly Hills, which he sold for $5 million in the year 2006. He also owned a luxurious mansion in L.A.’s Brentwood which he had purchased for a total amount of $14.2 million in December 2010. The house covered a total area of 12,300 square feet with 8 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. In 2014, he sold the mansion for a total amount of $24 million. 

Seal's house in Malibu

Seal also owns some pretty expensive and luxurious cars. His car collection includes a Bentley Azure which costs around $354,965, an Audi R8 worth $154,900, a Ferrari 360 Spider costing around $120,000, a Mercedes-Benz SL convertible worth around $110,000, and many more.  

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The Career of Seal

Ѕеаl ѕtаrtеd hіѕ саrееr іn bаrѕ аnd сlubs like any other singer, thеn hе јоіnеd а bаnd саllеd Рuѕh. The band wеnt оn а tоur tоgеthеr іn Japan, Thailand and India. Іn the year 1990, Ѕеаl rесоrdеd аnd rеlеаѕеd а ѕоng wіth thе DЈ аnd rесоrd рrоduсеr, Аdаmѕkі, саllеd Kіllеr. Eventually the song wаѕ a huge ѕuссеѕѕ, аnd Seal decided to pursue his career as a singer.

Seal singing in a event

Іn the year 1991, hе rеlеаѕеd hіѕ fіrѕt аlbum еvеr саllеd "Ѕеаl", аnd іt wаѕ grеаt wіth а fеw ѕоngѕ rаnkіng оn tор Unіtеd Kіngdоm Ѕіnglеѕ Сhаrt аnd Віllbоаrd Ноt 100. Іn 1994, Ѕеаl rеlеаѕеd hіѕ ѕесоnd аlbum саllеd Ѕеаl 2; іt аlѕо wаѕ grеаt wіth ѕоngѕ rесеіvіng аwаrd nоmіnаtіоnѕ, rаnkіng оn Віllbоаrd Ноt 100, аnd іn thе Unіtеd Кіngdоm сhаrtѕ.

In the year 2003, his third album, ‘Seal IV,’ was released. The album did somewhat well but the major benefit he got was that it helped him gain attention in the US and in continental Europe. Ѕеаl соntіnuеd оn rесоrdіng аnd rеlеаѕіng ѕuссеѕѕful аlbumѕ, іnсludіng ‘Get It Together,’ ‘Love’s Divine,’ and ‘Waiting For You.’ (2004), One Night to Remember (2006), Ѕуѕtеm (2007), Ѕоul (2008), Ѕеаl 6: Соmmіtmеnt (2010), Ѕоul 2 (2011), аnd Seven (2015).

Rесеntlу, Ѕеаl hаѕ bееn wоrkіng оn аn uрсоmіng ѕtudіо саllеd Ѕtаndаrdѕ. Ѕеаl hаd аn аmаzіng соnсеrt аt thе Оlуmріа Тhеаtrе іn Раrіѕ, Frаnсе, whеrе hе rесоrdеd hіѕ fіrѕt lіvе аlbum саllеd Lіvе іn Раrіѕ, аnd іt wаѕ rеlеаѕеd іn 2005. Ѕеаl wаѕ оnе оf thе соасhеѕ оf Тhе Vоісе Аuѕtrаlіа іn іtѕ 1ѕt, 2nd, аnd 6th ѕеаѕоnѕ (2012, 2013 аnd 2017).

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Awards and Achievements of Seal- 

Seal has achieved immense success in his music career. One of his biggest achievements is that Seal has won 3 Grammy awards for "Kiss from a Rose" which include the Grammy Award for Song of the Year (1996), the Grammy Award for Record of the Year (1996), and Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. In the year 2010, he again received a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Imagine". Besides these Seal has also been awarded several other awards, some of them are listed below-

1. He received the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song (Killer). 
2. He received the Ivor Novello Award for International Hit of the Year (Crazy) in the year 1992.
3. He received three  Brit Awards including British Male Solo Artist (Seal) British Video (Killer) and British Album (Seal). 
4. He also received the MTV Video Music Award for Best Video from a Film (Kiss from a Rose). 

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Personal Life and Family of Seal

Seal with his ex-wife Heidi

Seal was born on 19 February 1963, in Paddington, London, England. Seal is the son of Francis Samuel (Father) and Adebisi Samuel (Mother). Seal also has a sister, Tanya Samuel, and a younger brother, Jeymes Samuel also known by his stage name The Bullitts. He is also a music producer, singer, songwriter, and filmmaker.

In the year 2005, Seal got married to the American-German model Heidi Klum. The couple was also blessed with four children, Helene Boshoven Samuel, Lou Sulola Samuel, Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, and Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel. Unfortunately, the couple got separated and divorced in the year 2014. In 2015, Seal dated Australian singer and model, Erica Packer but the relationship didn't last long and they got separated in 2016.  

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Seal: Engagement on Online World

Seal is a very famous singer and has a huge fan following. In his social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, he has 292k followers on his Instagram account and 166k followers on his Twitter account.

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