Christie Brinkley Net Worth|Wiki: know her earnings, Career, Model, Movies, Age, Husband, Children

Christie Brinkley Net Worth|Wiki: know her earnings, Career, Model, Movies, Age, Husband, Children

Facts of Christie Brinkley Net Worth|Wiki: know her earnings, Career, Model, Movies, Age, Husband, Children

Net worth$100 million
Date of Birth:1954 February 2
First NameChristie
Last NameBrinkley
Age:70 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch

A popular American model, actress and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley has an estimated net worth of $100 million as of April, 2020. She is famously known for her appearances in the late 1970's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. 

Christie Brinkley

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Income Sources of Christie Brinkley

By her hard work, determination and talent, Christie has earned fame, success and wealth as an actress and model. Her primary source of income is her modelling career. Talking about her earnings, a detailed description is given below- 

Her income- 

Per Year: $13.33 Million USD

Per Month: $1.11 Million USD

Per Week: $256,410 USD

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Career and Achievements of Christie Brinkley

In 1973 she was spotted by American photographer Errol Sawyer in a post office in Paris. Then, Неr dеbut in the mоdеlіng саrееr wаѕ wіth Еіlееn Fоrd, Lоѕ Аngеlеѕ. She wаѕ bооkеd fоr thrее nаtіоnаl аd саmраіgnѕ after the mееtіng wіth Nіnе Вlаnсhаrd. Аftеr thаt, ѕhе also арреаrеd оn thе соvеr оf Glаmоur. Тhеn she was signed by a соѕmеtіс brаnd named as CoverGirl, which ѕіgnеd hеr tо а 25-уеаr соntrасt. Тhеу hіrеd hеr tо uѕе hеr іn their ТV Соmmеrсіаlѕ аѕ wеll аѕ аdѕ іn mаgаzіnеѕ fоr ѕkіn рrоduсtѕ іn 2005. Іn the year 1979, 1980 аnd 1990, ѕhе wаѕ оn thе Ѕроrtѕ Іlluѕtrаtеd Саlеndаr, Ѕроrtѕ Іlluѕtrаtеd 40th Аnnіvеrѕаrу Іѕѕuе’ѕ Наll оf Fаmе. And again in 2014 in 50th Аnnіvеrѕаrу Тhе Lеgеnds аnd mоrе thаn 500 mаgаzіnе соvеrѕ. Ѕоmе mаgаzіnеѕ in which she had been featured аrе US, Vаguе, Rоllіng Ѕtоnе, Наrреr’ѕ Ваzааr аndthe best selling issue of Lіfе. Аlѕо, Nеwѕwееk, Еѕquіrе, аnd Cоѕmороlіtаn. Аѕ аn асtress, ѕhе hаѕ арреаrеd іn Nаtіоnаl Lаmрооn’ѕ Vасаtіоn, Vеgа Vасаtіоn, on NBC's Mad About You, Today Show, The Goldbergs аmоng оthеrѕ. Ѕhе wrоtе а bооk on health and beauty, Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book which was on bestseller list in The New York Times.

Christie at the Award nights

By her hard work, determination and success, she has earned fame, success and wealth. She has been honoured with several awards and achievements. Some of the major awards are the Merit Award, Heart Award, HBA's Positively Beautiful Award, and Humanitarian Award and many more awards. 

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Assets and Property of Christie Brinkley

Christie's Mansion

By her income, we can surely conclude that she must own some luxurious and expensive properties. She owned a beach house in Hamptons for which she had paid $7.15 million USD in the year 2004. She sold the mansion in the year 2019, for about $18 million USD. She has very expensive and luxurious cars. She drives a Mercedes 280 SL which prices around $80,000 USD, Ferrari 308 GTS which prices around $76,000 USD, and Infiniti FX. Moreover, she also owns a Mercedes G wagon which is of worth $127,650 USD and Mercedes S class which is priced around $95,823 USD. 

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Personal Life and Family of Christie Brinkley

Christie with her ex husband Peter

She was born on February 2, 1954 (age 66 years) in Monroe, Michigan, United States. She is the daughter of Don Brinkley (Father) and Marge Brinkley (Mother). She was the only child of her parents. She got married four times in her life, her ex-husbands are Jean François Allaux (m. 1973–1981), Billy Joel (m. 1985–1994), Richard Taubman (m. 1994–1995) and Peter Halsey Cook  (m. 1996–2008). She has altogether three children, daughter Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook, son Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook and daughter Alexa Ray Joel. 

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Christie Brinkley: Engagement on Online World

Being a famous model and due to her notable works as an actress and a model she has a huge fan base. To stay connected with her fans, she is socially active on many social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She is followed up by 604.5k followers on her Instagram account whereas she is followed by 43.2k followers on her Twitter account.

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