Chuck Inglish Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio| Rapper| know about his Net Worth, Career, Age

Chuck Inglish Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio| Rapper| know about his Net Worth, Career, Age

Facts of Chuck Inglish Net Worth |Wiki| Career| Bio| Rapper| know about his Net Worth, Career, Age

Net worth$5 million
Date of Birth:1984 October 7
First NameEvan
Last NameIngersoll
AkaChuck Inglish
Age:39 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch

Chuck Inglish is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He is best known as one half of the hip hop duo The Cool Kids, along with Sir Michael Rocks. Chuck Inglish's net worth is estimated to be around 5 million.


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Chuck Inglish Net Worth and Assets

Chuck Inglish is a successful musician and producer with a net worth of around $5 million. His income comes from a variety of sources, including his music career, his production work, and his endorsement deals.

Talking about his assets, he owns a home in Los Angeles, California, a number of cars, including a Mercedes-Benz, a BMW, and a Range Rover. Inglish has also invested in a number of businesses, including a record label, a clothing line, and a restaurant.

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Chuck Inglish Early Life

Chuck Inglish, whose real name is Evan Ingersoll, was born on October 7, 1984, in Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States. He grew up in the Detroit metropolitan area and was raised in a musical family. His father played the guitar, and his mother was a singer, which exposed Inglish to music from a young age.

Inglish's interest in music started at a young age, and he began experimenting with making beats and producing music in his early teens. He was influenced by a wide range of musical genres, including hip-hop, soul, funk, and rock. These diverse influences shaped his musical style and approach to production.

After finishing high school, Inglish moved to Chicago to attend college. It was there that he met his future music partner, Sir Michael Rocks (formerly known as Mikey Rocks), and they formed the hip-hop duo known as The Cool Kids. Together, they gained recognition for their unique blend of old-school and alternative hip-hop.

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Chuck Inglish Career and Achievements

Chuck Inglish, has had a notable career as a producer and rapper, leaving his mark on the hip-hop industry. Alongside his music partner Sir Michael Rocks, he formed the hip-hop duo The Cool Kids in 2005. The duo quickly gained attention with their unique sound, blending elements of old-school hip-hop with alternative and indie influences.

One of Chuck Inglish's significant achievements came with the release of The Cool Kids' mixtapes, which garnered critical acclaim and helped them build a strong fan base. Their breakthrough mixtape, "Gone Fishing" (2009), showcased Inglish's production skills, characterized by soulful samples, catchy beats, and a refreshing approach to hip-hop.


In addition to his work with The Cool Kids, Inglish has made significant contributions to the hip-hop scene as a producer. He has worked with a diverse range of artists, including Mac Miller, Curren$y, Asher Roth, and Rick Ross, among others. His production style, often featuring heavy drum patterns and a retro-inspired sound, has garnered recognition and respect within the industry.

As a solo artist, Chuck Inglish has released several projects, further showcasing his talent and versatility. His debut solo album, "Convertibles" (2014), displayed his ability to blend different genres and experiment with sounds while maintaining his signature style. The album featured collaborations with artists like Chance the Rapper, Action Bronson, and Mac Miller, receiving positive reviews from both fans and critics.

Throughout his career, Inglish's contributions to hip-hop have been recognized and celebrated. His innovative production techniques, clever wordplay, and unique musicality have set him apart in the industry. His music continues to resonate with fans who appreciate his distinct style and ability to push boundaries within the hip-hop genre.


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Chuck Inglish Personal Life

It is known that he is married and has two children. He is also a passionate fan of vintage clothing and sneakers, and he has a large collection of both. He is also a co-founder of the record label Sounds Like Fun, and he is actively involved in the Chicago music scene.


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Chuck Inglish Engagement in Online World

Chuck Inglish is active on a number of social media platforms, including facebook page, twitter, and instagram. His facebook includes 20k followers, instagram includes 58.5k followers, and twitter inlcudes 95.5k followers. He share his upcoming songs, albums, photos, videos in his social media accounts.

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